Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 80

B HIDDEN GEM WEDDINGS Close to Maidstone town centre and just an hour from London, while also boasting some of the finest country scenery in the fabled ‘garden of England’, the Tudor Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club is the perfect place for a Kent getaway. PWM’s Millie Stockwell gives us her review… A touch of 80 » pink weddings magazine eing a short drive from our home town, Laura and I were possibly a little too excited to get away for the night to this hidden gem just outside of Maidstone. It was a little more upmarket than I was used to, so I even made the effort to wear smart shoes instead of trainers, and some nice patterned trousers instead of jeans. I felt very posh – the sort who would usually visit such establishments. Upon our arrival we entered a stylish lobby area, and as we approached the receptionist, we tried to hide our impressed eyebrow raises and eager elbow-nudges. While we checked in, the receptionist gave us an overview of what we could expect during our stay: an indoor pool, fitness centre and sauna, the spa and golf course, along with a restaurant serving breakfast and dinner. We made our way to our room, which turned out to be super…well, roomy. Of course, the first thing one has to do when arriving at their hotel room is to test the springy-ness of the bed (don’t pretend like the beds are not the first priority on your agenda too) and it passed with flying colours, as well as being an exceptionally good size. The second priority was, of course, inspecting the en-suite bathroom, which was full of lush smelling toiletries. Then we connected to the free Wi-Fi (because Instagram needed to know where we were) and tested the TV. We told each other that when we eventually returned to the hotel later in the evening, we would have a much-needed girly pamper session. After a while we headed downstairs and the therapists greeted us, looking wonderfully professional with their perfect hair and makeup. They were the sort of women Class