Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 74

Dave anD Tim needed someone to coordinate the day. Seeing it all come together was like a dream. So much effort had gone into the day – it was wonderful to finally see it all in place. London was a central theme from start to finish. Our invitations looked like London street signs and we hired The Elizabethan, an old paddle steamer, to go down the Thames to our evening reception and party. We even had the Queen’s confectioner, Charbonnel and Walker, providing the gift bags for our guests. We had an absolutely huge cake for our 180 guests! as neither of us are big fans of icing, we opted for a naked cake, made by Jens Cakery. Lighting by vowed and amazed set the scene, and guests were served freshly shucked oysters from the Oystermeister. my own employees served the drinks as they all wanted to be part of the day. Then off we sailed down the Thames on The elizabethan, to party the night away. Our guests flooded us with compliments, and this one just about sums it all up: ‘all i can say is WOW!!! What an absolutely amazing day. Thank you so much for inviting us 74 » pink weddings magazine to spend your special day with you, what a huge honour!! it was fabulous from the very start.’ Or maybe we should leave you with this one… ‘Oh my gawwwd. You've only bleedin’ gone and done it! a very special day for a very special couple. everything was perfect and then some. You two were beaming all day.’ i think for both of us, the high point of the whole day was seeing all of our family and friends in one room all at the same time. David is known for not being very emotional, but even he couldn’t help but shed a tear that day. To all of you getting married out there we’d say, don’t let it consume you in the planning stages. Learn to compromise and just remember – it’s your day, so relax and enjoy it!