Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 63

Vinnii and Xenia We met through a mutual friend. She came to my place for a chat and Xenia was sitting in the car. i remember that she wouldn’t even look at me to begin with, but after a while she started speaking. a few weeks later, she found me on Facebook and sent me a message, and that’s when we really started talking. Then she told me she fancied me… good ol’ social media! Xenia was the one to propose. She ran me a lovely bath with candles, and folded a towel and laid it out in the bathroom. When i went to get in the bath i saw the ring sitting there, and turned around to look at her. She popped the question there and then! We decided we wanted to get married in Florida for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s nice and hot over there. You just can’t rely on english weather – one minute it’s 25-degree heat and the next it’s snowing! Secondly, we wanted to spend our honeymoon at disneyland. it made sense to do both while we were out there! We decided on a beach theme and we wanted to get married at sunset as we knew the photos would look beautiful. i wore white trousers with a linen shirt. i’m glad i didn’t go for anything too heavy as it was 35 degrees, even at sunset, and i would probably have melted! Xenia wore a stunning white dress and looked beautiful. Bruno Mars’ Marry You was our song choice to walk down the aisle. We wanted something upbeat! We picked Sunchyme by dario G for our first song because of the steel drums, which we thought would match perfectly to a beach wedding theme – and also because it’s my favourite song. i think Xenia and i were the only ones who didn’t cry on the day. a lot of people shed a tear by the sound of it! We decided against having a reception. instead, we went to a really posh restaurant and watched the dolphins playing in the sea. it was amazing. it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve finally met your soulmate and that you’re going to be spending the rest of your lives together. The feeling is incredible. Our top tip for couples planning their big day is to just take your time. Try not to stress – talk things over together. it’s your special day, so do whatever makes you happy… even if that means getting a Taco Bell for lunch like i did! ‘We decided against having a reception. Instead, we went to a really posh restaurant and watched the dolphins playing in the sea. It was amazing.’ sunset pink weddings magazine » 63