Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 37

PJAnd AndSTeve TOne nOeL tOne VOwS I've loved you since the moment I even though I didn’t know it was set eyes on you. love I knew it was something. during our five amazing years together you’ve taught me so much abo ut myself you’ve helped me to become a bett So that I can be the man that you er man need to take care of you for the rest of your life. I have spent a lifetime looking for you and my life started the day we met. In the first few days I knew we would take an amazing journey together. and another new journey starts today. you are my love, my life and I could not be more in love with you now as I was the day we met. suggested we have a couple of drinks and some food. To say I was freaked out by this point would be an understatement – everything I had planned to say vanished from my head instantly. We sat for a while reflecting on the amazing evening we’d just had, and I knew I had to make my move. I felt like I must have been stuttering for a good five minutes (I was told afterwards that I moved like a ninja) before, getting down one knee, whipping out the ring and asking PJ to marry me. Although I probably knelt down for about ten seconds, it felt like an eternity. everyone around us was moving in slow motion and I was relieved when a very shocked PJ said yes! Planning our big day was about bringing our families together and making sure it was fun for them. We wanted the whole day to be in one beautiful location, without needing to move people between different venues. We chose down Hall, a stunning country house hotel on the Hertfordshire and essex border. I flew my mum over from Antigua and wanted to make sure she felt special, as my dad couldn’t make it. When she landed I took her to PJ’s cousin Andrew, who owns Mack Hairdressing, and he gave her a total makeover, making her look ten years younger. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and we spent hours on PJ VOwS you are my best friend my partner in crime My companion, my teammate, out with do ot cann I man the are you h together we have already shared so muc holds even more and I know our future together today s start ney jour our of part next the and ily and friends as I stand here in front of our fam I want to say ney takes us wherever the next part of our jour you with ney jour I want to make that I have spent a lifetime looking for you and now we get a lifetime to appr will have together eciate what we end looking at invites, flowers and favours. PJ’s sister Suzanne was our maid of honour and is really creative, so she had some great ideas for colours and styling. We also found some vintage wedding invites and a matching seating plan. We wanted to find wedding favours that our guests could easily take home with them and that would remind them of our day. Our close friend Sarah from House of BlueBelle made us our own wedding jar candles with labels, and baby blue ribbon flown in from Germany. For our flowers we picked roses, as my mum’s name is Rose. Meanwhile PJ had his eyes set on his perfect wedding cake – one of the few things he insisted on! – one that looked like Lego. My barber’s mum makes cakes and conjured up a total showstopper. We decided we wanted our wedding attire to be a casual style and chose matching maroon boots from M&S, rainbow coloured socks and boxers from diesel, blue trousers and waistcoats from next and shirts from M&S. Simple, but effective! We wrote our own vows for the ceremony. down Hall provided us with our toastmaster, Andrew, who kept the day flowing and made sure everyone was in the right place at the pink weddings magazine » 37