Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 33

PJ And TOne I t’s no secret how PJ and I met. I reconnected with Phil, an old friend who lives in Manchester, and he’d asked me to come to Pride on August Bank Holiday. He said we’d be meeting up with his best friend Mark, and Mark’s friend PJ. ‘You’ll have an amazing weekend!’ he told me. Well, he was right… even though it wasn’t exactly how we planned it. When I arrived at Phil’s flat on Friday night, he was ready to get the weekend started. Just as I was being introduced to Mark, PJ came out of the bathroom just wearing a towel! I’m not sure if it was his nonchalant attitude towards me when we were introduced, or the fact that I had to work hard to get his attention – but I was hooked. We had a great Friday night of flirting and dancing, but when I woke up on Saturday morning PJ had left as he’d had an argument with someone he knew. I told his friend Mark, ‘call PJ and tell him if he doesn’t come back I’m going home!’ That did it – he came back. I think we were instantly attracted to each other – even though PJ will say he found me to be loud and annoying, which I do my best to live up to after six years together! At the start of 2015, after four or so years, I had started thinking of making our future together more official. In April I had a short holiday in Antigua, visiting my parents. I was sitting outside with my dad just watching the world go by, when he said, ‘I like that PJ. He’s alright.’ I discussed it a little more with my parents, and by the time the week was over, I had made my decision. I think when you realise that the thought of being with the person you love forever outweighs the thought of never seeing them again, the next step is clear. So with a plan in my head and his birthday fast approaching in June, I set about making plans to ensure my proposal to PJ would be as special as it possibly could be. I was quite blase about the whole thing but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. Thankfully a few people, especially our friend Olivia, really put me on the right track and focused my mind on the road ahead. She was always calling and emailing for updates. pink weddings magazine » 33