Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 27

Brooke and chelsea comfortable around each other at the reception. There was just a peaceful vibe in the air. We didn’t know if everyone would really mingle or talk, but seeing them integrated was such an amazing feeling. We had no cares in the world! It was a great feeling to see so much love and support there with us. Chelsea looked so beautiful – she wore a rhinestone and pearl encrusted dress and veil, with shimmering silver heels. I wanted to wear a suit – so I went for a grey jacket, a navy blue shirt and trousers combined with brown boots and a belt, with a contrasting hot pink bowtie. We had our fathers walk us down the aisle. Two nights before the wedding, we each had our own bachelorette party with our friends. My friends and I went on a scavenger hunt around West Hollywood, while Chelsea and her friends partied hard in Las Vegas! We wrote our own vows. Brooke and the groomsmen/bridesmaids walked down to Memo by Years & Years. Chelsea loves Ellie Golding and dreamed of the day she could walk down the aisle to her song, How Long Will I Love You. None of our guests really knew what to expect. A lot of our family members were meeting each other for the first time, so trying to predict how the day was going to go would have been impossible. But everyone got along really well. Everyone felt the love Chelsea and I had for each other, any doubts anyone may have had before the day were wiped away. pink weddings magazine » 27