Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 24

Brooke and chelsea some memories, it’s got some history.’ Chelsea agreed it would be cool, so I asked her ‘Well, what if I were to propose here?’ She got pretty angry with me then, and whined ‘You’re not supposed to plan a proposal Brooke, it’s supposed to be organic! You can’t talk to me about it!’ and stormed off. I told her to turn around, because little did she know I was on one knee with a ring in my hand. When I finally got her to turn around, so much came over me that I could barely muster ‘Will you marry me?’ I was shaking, and she started crying. The first place we went after that was Chelsea’s dad’s house to celebrate! We set a date for 4 April 2015. We didn’t have much of a theme – we just went with ‘what looks good’. Since Chelsea and I were balling on a 24 » pink weddings magazine budget, we asked my uncle if he’d open his beautiful Brentwood backyard to us and our guests. Once he said yes, it was really about finding colours and items that complemented his already gorgeous backyard. My favourite colour is navy blue and Chelsea’s is pink, so fuchsia and navy sounded like the perfect combination. From there, we went to Downtown Los Angeles and spent hours browsing. We tried to stay open minded about the style, thinking about the space we were working with. We found random items, such as fishbowls, marbles, Chinese lanterns, and found clever ways to put it all together. We would get one item, stumble upon the next, and go from there. It was awesome to see our friends and family all being