Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 23

Brooke and chelsea moment! texted me asking how I was. She’d just split up with her girlfriend, so we talked and caught up. We planned to just stay friends. It was two years later, after all and we were two different people – adults now. It was almost like Brooke and Chelsea 2.0! After a couple of months of texting we decided to meet up and get a drink. A solid amount of time had passed – we thought ‘Screw it! We can meet up for one drink!’ Here’s a tip guys and girls – don’t put yourself around your ex and alcohol! By the end of the night we were back to being inseparable. It was a ‘friends with benefits’ situation for a while, and then the ‘I love you’s started again. In January 2013 we were both chilling in Chelsea’s room, watching TV. I turned to her and just said ‘Chelsea, I want you to be my girlfriend.’ She was apprehensive at first – she reminded me that we didn’t want to rush into anything because every time we did, we hurt each other. She looked at me and said ‘Brooke, if we get back together, this is the last time.’ I replied that it was all I ever wanted. It was 31 July 2013. Chelsea knows that date very well because she didn’t get to go to a Hollywood Undead concert that night. I felt bad for her not going, so to cheer her up I decided to take her to the park where we used to meet up when we first started dating. We went to the park and it got to about 9pm when I blurted out ‘What if we got married here? This park has pink weddings magazine » 23