Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 22

Brooke and chelsea Live for the Brooke and Chelsea have had a crazy journey since falling head-over-heels at 17. Brooke takes us to the celebrations. Photography by Joe Lengson Photography W e used to hate each other. We met in senior year of high school in California, and took English together. Any chance Chelsea had to make me look bad during a class – she would take it. Then the next semester, we had photography together. We were put in a pair, and I gave Chelsea my number after class. For a while we were going strong. We’d very quickly gone from strongly disliking each other, to being ‘somewhat friends’, to ‘I love you’. Sadly, graduating high school meant a long distance relationship for us – I went to Arizona State for college, and Chelsea moved back to Las Vegas where she was born and raised. At some of our 22 » pink weddings magazine worst times, we would only end up only seeing each other a couple of times a year. It was very up and down. Fast forward to 2010 – we were back together and things were great. We even got each other’s names tattooed on us. But later in the year, I got into a situation where I was cheating on Chelsea. She could tell something wasn’t right because I kept asking for an open relationship, or saying things like, ‘maybe long distance doesn’t work…’ She caught on pretty quickly. That led to us breaking up and Chelsea started seeing another girl. They stayed together for two years, but my love for her never altered. It was 2012 when I got a random text while I was at work. I knew who it was straight away – Chelsea had