Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 17

Autumn/Winter FAshion SUIT UP Pinstripes in particular were a regular occurrence on the runway, a favourite with Calvin Klein and Sies Marjan. Perfect for any body type, the suits were more casual than the pinstripes you may be used to – baggier, slouchier, with a laid-back vibe. Think ‘power suit goes bohemian’. The men’s runway also featured suits with sleek, slouchy trousers. Plaid made an appearance, showing us that the patterned suit and jacket combo makes for stylish, smartcasual autumn wear. MAGIC AT MIDNIGHT The prettiest party trend of the season? Dressing like the star you are. Alexander McQueen’s gift to the runway was dresses that were quite literally out of this world, studded with glittering galaxies; dark, mysterious, sheer materials with moons and stars galore. Covering your neck is a key style feature – whether you choose scarves, turtlenecks, or a chunky choker, make sure you have something stylish to add a little ‘oomph’ to your outfit this winter. CAPES Women of the runway were pulling off the superhero goto with style. Designers such as Alexander McQueen are chasing away the winter chill with long, ethereal evening capes – the perfect choice for those winter days when you’re not sure whether you’ll be too cold in a jumper but too muffled up in a coat. IN THE NAVY Military and navy inspired outerwear calf- and ankle-length coats are making a splash this autumn/winter. Our advice? Get a size bigger than normal. Oversized sleeves and long, belowthe-knee outerwear is a must. Just be sure to wear some heels if you’re on the shorter side, so that the length of these statement coats doesn’t swallow your frame. ACCESSORIES: OUTDATED IS IN – purses and clutches that could be your grandma’s are a key feature of the AW16 runway. TRINKETS, PINS, BROOCHES, HEADSETS – any extra bits of metal should be the essential touches to your AW16 outfit. EMBELLISHMENTS – on purses and shoes, especially with anything metallic to create an edgy look. VELVET – the fabric of the season and you can’t overdo it. Just be careful if you’re wearing velvet shoes not to splash through too many puddles! pink weddings magazine 17