Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 116

Horoscopes With Lily Stargazer Aries Leo Sagittarius 21 March – 20 April This is a time of great creativity for you Aries, so unleash your inner artist! Forget the big clearout of the attic, this is the time to be painting your masterpiece or baking a show-stopper of a cake. Brace yourself – a spider will bring you luck. 23 July – 22 August You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet lately Leo – what’s up? Make sure you talk to your nearest and dearest to make sure that your plans are making you both happy. Look out for a four-legged friend as they will be central to your plans. 23 November – 21 December Somebody’s feeling rather charismatic lately Sagittarius, so use it! You’re feeling in control so it’s the ideal time to organise a big celebration… splash the cash and don’t hold back – you only live once! A silver waistcoat will bring you luck. Taurus Virgo Capricorn 21 April – 20 May A time of real ups and downs for you Taurus, make sure you keep your spirits up. Your family are being very demanding but your inner strength will see you through a testing time. Don’t forget to make time for friends that think the world of you – head for a place beginning with A. Gemini 21 May – 20 June You’ve had a tough time lately Gemini and don’t think nobody’s noticed. Take time to look after yourself and be careful not to drink too much. A new project is starting to take shape so get planning for the good times ahead. Luck will come with a new venue. Cancer 21 June – 22 July Life in the fast lane has been getting you down. Take a good look at your diary and ask yourself whether you’re fitting in too much. Will your good friends really mind if you cancel a few dates to chill out and recover? A cocktail evening will bring you exciting news. 116 » pink weddings magazine 23 August – 22 September Well done Virgo! After a few difficult months and some setbacks, you’re seeing all your hard work pay off. Technology will be your friend over the coming weeks, so be calm and consistent and try not to show off. Drink plenty of tea and ride a bicycle for luck. Libra 22 December – 19 January Grooming has been a big concern for you lately – you’d better get on top of that wild hairstyle! Numbers will play a big part in the next few months so keep a cool head and drive a hard bargain. Keep an eye out for tasty cakes – a little of what you fancy does you good. Aquarius 23 September – 22 October Caring Libra – stop worrying about others for a change and do something completely indulgent that will make you feel a little bit guilty. A bit of spending won’t break the bank and will boost your morale. Wear green for go and look out for number one. 20 January – 18 February Where have the last few months gone Aquarius? The year is flying by and you’re feeling like you have no control. Recent events have left you feeling disorientated so you need to get yourself back on track. Take some time out and stay in touch with good friends. Scorpio Pisces 23 October – 22 November You’re looking good Scorpio – that exercise and healthy eating is paying off, but remember that you need to indulge yourself now and again. Don’t forget to turn down the music and make time for a bit of peace and quiet during the day. Beware of Fleetwood Mac. 19 February – 20 March Busy times Pisces! You’ve had some wonderful news lately, but have been constantly on the go and starting to feel a little run down. Relax and unwind – this is a great time to take a holiday. Use it to take stock, plan for the future and realise your prospects are excellent.