Pink Weddings Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 - Page 103

Gem and HannaH Both of us chose to wear traditional dresses. We are both femme, and we were both clear that we wanted it this way from the outset. all our childhood wedding dreams featured ‘the dress’. We shopped separately for dresses and didn’t see each other until we got to the aisle. It’s sheer coincidence and a sign of how well matched we are that both our dresses turned out to be so similar. Hannah wore stunning lace boots by Irregular Choice, and I opted for classic blue courts with a bow. Our bridesmaids wore swing-style dresses from Vivien of Holloway, with different coloured petticoats. We tried to keep our wedding ceremony as personal as possible. We walked down an aisle scattered with rose petals to The Power of Love by Gabrielle aplin and left the ceremony to In The Mood by Glenn miller – a song that my grandparents used to dance to. We wanted to keep the ceremony relaxed and lighthearted. The guests nibbled on popcorn and marshmallows throughout and a few were spotted drinking beer during the ceremony. We wrote our own vows, as it was really important that they were personal and meaningful. I made the mistake of promising to share my shoe collection with Hannah, and Hannah promised to be a good parent to the dog (my best friend). Then I read a poem called The Future, about a couple and their homely life together with children. It perfectly summed up how we hope our life will be. Our friends and family played a really central part in our whole day, and we wouldn't have had it any other way. We got ready on opposite sides of the hotel, with our mums and bridesmaids (and my auntie) helping us. Our fathers walked us down the aisle, with Hannah going first. my father and I sobbed our way down the aisle after her. He was diagnosed with cancer 12 months before the day and there were moments that we weren’t sure he would make it, let alone walk me down the aisle. Hannah’s bridesmaids were her sister Carrie and niece emma. mine were my cousin JoJo and sister-in-law annie, accompanied by my adorable three-year-old nephew Joshua. Our brothers held our rings. It seemed only right for the reading to be done by mark, the man responsible for us meeting. Without him we would never have found each other. Similar to the ceremony, we were keen to have a relaxed reception where people could just have fun. It was all about laughter and silliness, as it’s not really in our nature to be too serious. We had afternoon tea for the wedding breakfast and a hog roast in the evening. The drink was flowing, and everyone hit the dance floor to break out their silly dance moves. The eclectic music, from drum and bass to pop and punk, meant there was something for pink weddings magazine » 103