Pine Tree Village Newsletter March 2018 - Page 3

Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome our new homeowners to Pine Tree Village. Enjoy your community! And we invite you to become involved in one or more committees. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends.

I am happy to see more people attending our monthly Board of Directors meetings. With more homeowners in attendance, the Board is given the opportunity to hear new ideas and suggestions in making Pine Tree Village a better place to live; this input from homeowners is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

I would like to remind all homeowners if you need to communicate any issues about our vendors, please go through the office and not to the employees who are doing the work. This will allow us to track any complaints or compliments that you may have.

Please follow the 25 mph posted speed limit! Be safe!


Howie Garber

President's Message Message