Pine Tree Village Newsletter March 2018 - Page 10

. COBWRA DELEGATES MEETING VALENCIA POINT • MEETING HIGHLIGHTS By Sharon Reuben WELCOME VALENCIA POINTE DELEGATE LINDA LEVINE and HOA PRESIDENT ART GELVEN welcomed the Delegates and . guests. PRESIDENT’S REPORT PRESIDENT MYRNA ROSOFF announced that COBWRA will immediately initiate a call to action to encourage our elected representatives to allow two Gun Control bills to be heard. Delegates were asked to contact the legislators as follows: • Contact Senate President Joe Negron: (850) 487-5229 • Contact House Speaker Corcoran: (850) 717-5000 • Use this link to find your state representatives: • Use this link to look up a bill: • Tweet at them using #hearthebills. SUPPORT: House Bill 231, introduced by Representative Lori Berman, that would allow family members to obtain a court order to take firearms from a relative they fear poses a significant danger as a result of dangerous mental health and violent behavior. Senate Bill 196, introduced by Senator Linda Stewart for the second year in a row, to ban assault weapons statewide. It was also explained that COBWRA is now working with the Action Alliance for Mental Health, an umbrella organization comprised of many agencies that address mental health issues. President Rosoff also explained that information would be forthcoming regarding an important LANDSCAPE SERVICES BUSINESS Ag Reserve issue. Watch for info in your e-mail. ELECTED OFFICIALS REPORTS COMMISSIONER MARY LOU BERGER • Announced that she has toured the COBWRA Service Area with the new County Engineer with the goal of identifying serious road/traffic issues and finding solutions to those problems. COMMISSIONER DAVID KERNER • Explained that he recently visited Puerto Rico to assess the damage law enforcement agencies have experienced. He met with more than 100 law enforcement officers and noted that most police stations are still without power. • The Commissioner observed that today there is a new generation of leaders emerging, with a New American Spirit, who are committed to fight for reform. SUPPORT THE COBWRA LEGAL FUND GO TO ELECTED OFFICIALS REPORTS, Continued SCHOOL BOARD REPRESENTATIVE KAREN BRILL • Announced that the District will be interviewing four internal candidates for the Superintendent’s position. She proudly reported that, under supervisor Avossa’s leadership, the District is now boasting a 90% graduation rate! • Brill also noted that the School Board is proactively addressing school security and safety, including gun control and health issues, as well as arranging for cell phones to work throughout every school campus. FIRST RESPONDER REPORTS PBC FIRE RESCUE COMMUNITY LIAISON TONY KEELER announced that response calls are up 10% from last year with overdose calls declining. FIRE RESCUE CPR TRAINING AT THE HOA & CONDO FACILITIES HEALTH & WELLNESS COOMMITTEE CHAIR JOAN BRUNSWICK announced that Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is embarking upon a “grass roots” CPR Training Program, with classes to be conducted at the Condo and HOA facilities. A minimum of 10 participants per class is required. TO ARRANGE FOR A CPR CLASS IN YOUR COMMUNITY, CALL 561-616-7033 GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (GMC) REPORT GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE CHAIR, STEVE OSEROFF, presented a project on the SW corner of Military Trail and Lantana Road where a Wawa convenience store and gas station is being proposed. He noted that the GMC is working with the developer regarding signage, enhanced landscaping and increased outdoor security. The Board recommended approval of the project with two conditions: • Security cameras viewing outside seating • Limit signs to 12x10 The Delegates voted to recommend approval of the project. NOMINATING COMMITTEE The Nominating Committee presented the following proposed slate of officers for the 2018/2019 term: President Phil Barlage 1 st VP Barbara Roth THERE WERE NO 2 nd VP Nikki Descoteaux NOMINATIONS Secretary Gerri Seinberg FROM THE FLOOR Treasurer Beth Miller SPECIAL PRESENTATION PBSO DISTRICT 6 CAPTAIN CHRIS KEANE fascinated the audience with a report on his FBI NATIONAL ACADEMY EXPERIENCE. The Elite Program provides college-level training to state, local, and international police officers. This is the same facility where the FBI trains new Special Agents. STATE SENATE DISTRICT 31 SPECIAL ELECTION MEET THE CANDIDATES EVENT WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2018 • 2:00 P.M. • JAMAICA BAY