Pine Tree Village Newsletter January 2017


January 2017

President's Message by Howie Garber

Hello Everyone,

Congratulations to Artie Zahn on becoming a Board Member of PTV. Artie’s responsibility will be maintenance

of all common areas in PTV, including pool, tennis court and clubhouse.

A big thank you to the homeowner who donated the 102” projection television system. The system should be up and operating in time for the Super Bowl party on February 5th.

There will be a meeting with our Comcast representative on Tuesday, January 24th at 7:00 PM. Please try to attend the meeting and bring any questions that you might have.

Please instruct your guests not to block the sidewalk when parking their car in your driveway. I have had several complaints from people who, when walking, must go onto the road because of cars blocking the sidewalk. Please remember to follow the posted speed limit of 25 MPH.

Stay safe and have a healthy, Happy New Year!

Next Board of Directors Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 9:00 AM in the clubhouse.

architectural control

- Rosemary Hillery

Please submit your Request for Change form to the PTV office before the first Wednesday of the month. This allows time to review the request prior to presenting to the Board. Please do not begin any work on your property prior to receiving Board aproval.

Annual Meeting and Election Results

Since there were 3 vacancies and 2 candidates, voting by ballot was not required. The vacancies are being filled by incumbant Howard Garber and Arthur Zahn.

Following the membership meeting an Organization Meeting was held to elect officers and to assign relevant responsiblities.

Officers for 2017 are:

President, Howie Garber

Vice President, Joe Viscusi

Treasurer, Richard Hall

Secretary, Elaine Johnson

Committee Chairs 2017 are:

Architectural Control, Rosemary Hillery

Cable TV, Joe Viscusi

Documents, Elaine Johnson

Finance, Richard Hall

Landscape, Geoff Kashdan

Maintenance, Artie Zahn

Elaine Johnson unveiled the new look of our newsletter and did a presentation to announce our new website:

Telephone: 561.737.1388 Fax: 561.737.1306 Email: