Pinal County JLUS Executive Summary - Page 9


Florence Military Reservation is one of Arizona ’ s largest National Guard training areas , covering 18,616 acres . Florence Military Reservation is a Level V Training Center and serves as the Desert Training Environment for the AZARNG . It is an important asset to the AZARNG ’ s training capabilities because the environment is similar to areas where troops are deployed , and it provides realistic training grounds that facilitate troops ’ success in their respective missions . Florence Military Reservation ’ s training facilities include small arms ranges , grenade ranges , machine gun ranges , land navigation courses , maneuver areas , mine detection lanes , improvised explosive device defeat lanes , rock crusher areas , drop zones , landing zones , high-mobility , multi wheeled vehicle driver training , bivouac areas , obstacle courses , a Military Operations on Urban Terrain mock village with 50 buildings , and restricted airspace to test and train UASs .
Military Compatibility Areas
There were three MCAs identified for Florence Military Reservation .
Land Use MCA
The Land Use MCA is composed of all current parcels with 25 percent of their land area located within a ½ mile of the boundary of Florence Military Reservation . Strategies associated with this MCA are related to land use planning , real estate disclosures , including notes on platting documents , and educating surrounding property owners about military operations in the area . It is further recommended that this MCA serve as a notification area by the jurisdictions to the AZARNG on proposed developments . Future development within this MCA should be characterized by lower density / intensity uses , such as one dwelling unit per acre for residential developments , with ordinances promoting uses that are compatible with military activities .
Impact Noise MCA
The Impact Noise MCA includes all land that lies outside of the primary training area of Florence Military Reservation and within the Noise Zone II ( 87 to 104 dB ) area associated with live weapons firing ranges . While most of the Arizona State Trust Lands that the AZARNG leases from the Arizona State Land Department ( ASLD ) falls within the primary training area , ASLD lands that are leased under a 22-day special land use permit do not . Due to increased noise levels in this MCA , noise-sensitive land uses such as residential , schools , and places of worship should be restricted in this MCA .
Airspace Protection MCA
The Airspace Protection MCA is meant to protect and preserve the restricted airspace over Florence Military Reservation . Unmanned aerial systems should be regulated in this MCA so that they do not interfere with military flight operations or the safety of AZARNG personnel . The Airspace Protection MCA includes two subzones . The first subzone applies to the restricted airspace over Florence Military Reservation and is meant to preserve the airspace capabilities by managing development below it and thereby minimize vertical obstructions and other flight hazards , as well as the impacts of flight operations on local residents . The second subzone is a one-mile buffer around the restricted airspace that serves as a buffer between restricted and unrestricted areas . Any future development plans in this subzone should take into consideration its proximity to military aircraft activity .
Key Recommendations
The following are key recommendations to address compatibility issues around Florence Military Reservation .
Coordination / Communication
• Consider partnerships to develop enhanced use lease opportunities at Florence Military Reservation .
Dust / Smoke / Steam
• Inform the local community of potential high dust activities .
• AZARNG should continue to employ dust suppression methods on unpaved roadways .
Land / Air Space Competition
• Research the potential for purchasing avigation easements .
• Explore the possibility of recording avigation notices .
• Add policies to the comprehensive and general plans that help protect restricted airspace .
Roadway Capacity
• Consider turn lanes and / or traffic signal controls to improve access to Florence Military Reservation .