Pinal County JLUS Executive Summary - Page 5

Key Strategies for the Entire JLUS Project Area

Biological Resources
Land / Air Space Competition
Vertical Obstructions
• Explore Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration ( REPI ) funding .
• Explore opportunities to protect environmentally-sensitive land specifically through the Sentinel Landscapes Program .
Coordination / Communication
• Establish a Pinal County JLUS Implementation Committee , organized through a formal charter .
• Prepare and execute a formal Memorandum of Agreement for development proposal review .
• Develop a regional web-based GIS portal to disseminate relevant information .
• Develop an AZARNG community / military compatibility reference guide for communities , property owners , and developers to make informed decisions .
• Develop an AZARNG public education campaign for local communities .
• Include links to the AZARNG website on all JLUS partner websites .
Energy Development
• Adopt ordinances regulating unmanned aircraft and no fly zones around AZARNG sites .
• Develop an Unmanned Aerial System Hazard Plan .
• Develop information on proper unmanned aerial system usage and regulations for the public .
• Lobby the Arizona State Legislature to consider a state-wide unmanned aerial system ordinance around military installations .
• Explore the potential for the AZARNG to lease additional Bureau of Land Management or Arizona State Land Trust lands to support their missions .
• Explore land swap opportunities to provide buffer land around the AZARNG sites .
• Explore partnership opportunities for establishing buffer lands .
• Foster enhanced public awareness of military flight areas .
Legislative Initiatives
• Develop an official form for cell tower permits .
• Include AZARNG in tower siting and review processes .
• Develop a publicly accessible map of lowlevel flight areas for planning purposes .
Land Use
• Define and establish AZARNG Military Compatibility Areas ( MCAs ) to incorporate into local planning policies and zoning ordinances .
• Incorporate compatibility planning concepts into capital improvement plans and infrastructure master plans .
• Develop real estate disclosures for property within the MCAs .
• Pursue Army Compatible Use Buffer ( ACUB ) Program opportunities .
• Pinal County should reevaluate the Mixed- Use Activity Centers identified in the Comprehensive Plan to address military compatibility .
• Require note on plat documentation for property within the MCAs .
• Develop local policies that facilitate alternative energy development compatibility with military operations .
• Utilize the Arizona Renewable Energy Mapping Project .
• Develop state legislation to protect the AZARNG missions statewide .
Frequency Spectrum Impedance / Interference
• Develop maps that show where communication towers would impact military operations .
Light & Glare
• Develop LED billboard ordinances to minimize trespass lighting near military operational areas .
• Update outdoor lighting regulations to address military compatibility .