Pinal County JLUS Executive Summary - Page 4

Joint Land Use Study Recommended Strategies

The heart of the Pinal County JLUS is the set of recommended strategies that address the compatibility issues identified . Since the Pinal County JLUS is the result of a collaborative planning process , the strategies represent a true consensus plan — a realistic and coordinated approach to compatibility planning developed with the support of stakeholders involved throughout the process . The strategies developed are uniquely tailored to each installations ’ and communities ’ specific needs and circumstances . In respecting the local context , they enhance it .
The key to successfully implementing the strategies is the establishment of a JLUS Implementation Committee to oversee execution of the JLUS . Through this committee , local jurisdictions , AZARNG , federal and state agencies , and other interested parties can continue their initial collaborative efforts to establish procedures , recommend or refine specific actions for members , and make adjustments to strategies over time to ensure the JLUS is responsive to changing needs and continues to help stakeholders resolve key compatibility issues in the future . Concurrent with the efforts of the JLUS Implementation Committee , each project partner is responsible for establishing their own course of action to implement the strategies that are unique to their jurisdiction through the collaboration of their leadership , planners , and the public .
The strategies developed during the JLUS process are described in detail in the Implementation Plan , Chapter 6 of the JLUS Report . The recommendations that are included in this executive summary present the key strategies that were developed and agreed to by the JLUS partners .