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This MCA addresses the general flight corridor between Silverbell Army Heliport and Picacho Peak Stagefield , as well as an additional buffer around the general flight route and each installation . This MCA should increase property owners ’ and other residents ’ awareness of the areas where helicopter operations are common and promote development in areas not impacted by helicopter overflight ( such as noise-sensitive uses ), or impactful to helicopter safety ( such as tall structures or uses that generate excessive light and glare ). Additionally , UASs should be regulated in this MCA to prevent interference with military flight operations and the safety of AZARNG personnel .
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Picacho Peak Stagefield
CAP Canal
This MCA has two subzones . Subzone A is composed of a three-mile-wide general flight corridor between Silverbell Army Heliport and Picacho Peak Stagefield . Designating this subzone should help inform property owners and potential property buyers that helicopter overflight occurs in the area . Signage , real estate disclosures , and / or requiring a note on plat documents regarding such activity can support this goal . Additionally , regulations prohibiting the usage of civilian or commercial UASs should be enacted in this Subzone to protect pilot safety .
Pinal County
Silverbell Army Heliport
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CAP Canal
Subzone B is made up of a five-mile radius around the center of Picacho Peak Stagefield ’ s and Silverbell Army Heliport ’ s airfields . The FAA has enacted regulations for the use of UASs within a five-mile radius of medium and large airports across the U . S . The purpose of this subzone is to designate an area in which local municipalities would consider enacting UAS ordinances that regulate these devices around Picacho Peak Stagefield and Silverbell Army Heliport , similar to FAA regulations around other airports .
Pima County
Primary Helicopter Training Route MCA Subzone A ( Primary Training Route ) Subzone B ( UAS 5-mile Buffer )
AZ National Guard Site JLUS Partner Community County Boundary
Interstate Highway / Freeway Railroad
Source : Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ), 2017 ; Matrix Design Group , 2018 .
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Primary Helicopter Training Route MCA