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The Global Pickleball Federation Active8 Plan


In January , Forbes . com published a pickleball news timeline that noted for November 2023 , “ USA Pickleball joins forces with 30 other country federations to announce a new Global Pickleball Federation , aptly named globalpickleballfederation . org .”
The Global Pickleball Federation ( GPF ) was launched to be the preeminent international sports governing body for pickleball . We are working tirelessly to put processes and people in place that will define the future of pickleball and position our game among the world ’ s most popular sports . Although this might sound lofty to many , it is not for those of us who have competed in multiple sports in our lifetime .
Pickleball has all the attributes to achieve these goals : 1 . Easy to learn , difficult to master 2 . Inexpensive , low barrier to entry 3 . Inclusive of all ages and abilities 4 . Fun to play 5 . Creates community 6 . Competitive 7 . A magnet for sponsors and commercial businesses
Our theme for our first eight months is “ Growth and Country Member Support .” We will continue to have open doors and transparent dialogue with any stakeholder that wants to participate and contribute toward these goals .
The GPF ’ s Active8 Plan highlights the organization ’ s role as the unifying international sports governing body for pickleball , and how it will directly support its continental federations and members with core resources to preserve the integrity of pickleball as a unique sport , including :
1 . The GPF Grant Program in partnership with Pickleball United . Beginning in January , this program supports the distribution of equipment to regions of the
world where equipment is non-existent and most needed .
2 . GPF 2024 Official Rulebook . USA Pickleball is providing the 2024 Rulebook to all GPF members in the ongoing commitment to perpetuate the growth and advancement of pickleball worldwide , among all players .
3 . Coaching , Officiating and Ambassador Support . The GPF will provide resources to support the continental federations in each of these critical areas .
4 . The African Games . In March , pickleball will be featured for the very first time as a demonstration sport at the African Games , which are only held every four years . This will be a pivotal moment for African nations to come together to compete at the University of Ghana in Accra , Ghana . Teams from Egypt , Tanzania , Ghana , Kenya , Sierra Leone , Nigeria and Rwanda will converge for the first time , under the leadership of Dr . Kwabena Akufo , GPF continental director .
You can find us in the “ trenches ” of the sport , as we build a worldwide network of talented and enthusiastic influencers . Are you one of them ? If so , contact us at info @ globalpickleballfederation . org .
To learn more , visit globalpickleballfederation . org or follow on LinkedIn or Instagram @ globalpickleballfederation . •