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Founder of Nettie Pickleball Co . PlayNettie . com
The pickleball entrepreneurial community is amazing . As the game grows , it ’ s definitely a competitive landscape out there , which could lead to infighting and toxicity . But in my experience , other leaders and founders recognize that the pie is big as the game grows . I think the fact that there are so many women founding companies in pickleball has contributed to the collaborative spirit that I have experienced . There are so many great brands and leaders — Varsity Pickleball , The Pickler , Pickleball Magazine , Civile , Recess , Georgie & Lou , just to name a few — and I can ’ t wait to see what launches next !


CEO of DUPR MyDUPR . com
Being a female entrepreneur in pickleball means being comfortable that your insides don ’ t always match your outsides — it ’ s more than okay to wave your contradiction flag high ! It means standing your ground but doing it graciously , with a “ velvet hammer ” as my mentor Anne Worcester , former CEO of the WTA tour , always says . It ’ s remembering that it ’ s hard to be something you ’ ve never seen , which is why female entrepreneurs have a fiduciary duty to young women everywhere to show what it means to be strong and female on and off the court .




Georgie & Lou GeorgieandLou . com
We are fully enjoying being part of the pickleball community as female entrepreneurs . Creating new partnerships in an emerging market has given us opportunities to grow alongside our competitors , rather than competing against them . Building long-lasting relationships has helped the success of our business . We have been lucky enough to collaborate with other femaleowned companies , not just in pickleball , but throughout the retail segment .
What are you most looking forward to in the next year as you continue to grow your brand within the pickleball community ?


Head of Partnerships at The Dink TheDinkPickleball . com
I look forward to growing The Dink and introducing more brands to the pickleball community . I have a personal goal to attend a pro event to meet some of the pro players that we cover on a daily basis . The pickleball world is changing so rapidly — it will be exciting to see what non-pickleball brands get involved . Will it be Nike ? Or Hulu ? Or ... can ’ t wait to see .