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FROM THE USAPA 2016 USAPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS FROM THE USAPA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS CONTINUE OFFICERS PRESIDENT USAPA Teams Up with American Sports Builders Association David Jordan VP & AMBASSADOR CHAIR Jack Thomas SECRETARY Laura Patterson TREASURER Darryl Noble BOARD MEMBERS (COMMITTEES) LEGAL COUNSEL, GRIEVANCE Phil Mortenson COMMUNICATIONS *Bob Nibarger RATINGS Chris Thomas TOURNAMENTS *Lenny Chimino RULES Dennis Dacey GRANTS *Ray Pereyra TRAINING CHAIRS Lynn and Linda Laymon MEMBERSHIP *Charles Batt NON-VOTING BOARD MEMBER ADVISORY COMMITTEE Mark Friedenberg EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Justin Maloof * new board members JUSTIN MALOOF As the sport of pickleball continues its unprecedented expansion, the demand for courts and facilities has never been greater. In 2015, the USAPA “Places to Play” database increased by over 900 newly added sites (nearly 76 new locations per month). Today, this database contains over 4,000 listings, a 130% increase in just three years! To assist with this ever-growing demand, USAPA and the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) have recently partnered and agreed to produce an official construction and maintenance manual designed to provide technical information for contractors and the general public desiring to build pickleball courts. ASBA is the sports industry’s premiere organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for tennis courts, running tracks, natural and synthetic turf fields, and indoor and outdoor synthetic sports surfaces. In the near future, this list will include pickleball courts as well. ASBA is recognized nationally as a centralized source for technical information and consumeroriented information such as selecting proper sites, choosing a contractor, identifying the proper playing surface, etc. At present, ASBA and USAPA have teamed up to form a joint editorial board, responsible for assembling the proper specifications as they relate to IFP rules. Contractor guidelines and other appropriate recommendations will also be included in the manual. Once this phase is complete, a team of technical writers, illustrators and photographers will be tasked with finalizing the manual for publication. USAPA is very excited to partner with ASBA and bring this muchneeded level of service and professionalism to the industry. The agreement also complements last year’s announcement regarding USAPA’s partnership with California Sports Surfaces. As part of this agreement, CSS has been working with USAPA to develop the world’s first acrylic surface paint (PicklePave), designed specifically for pickleball (information at usapa.org). Collectively, both of these strategic partnerships are designed to elevate the quality of pickleball courts and facilities and ensure the absolute best for recreational and competitive players alike. JUNE 2016 | MAGAZINE 5