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detailed examples are noted. Failure to apply the standards and procedures as defined will result in demerits and most likely failure to pass the evaluation. Payment of the application fee gives the candidate two opportunities to be evaluated; the second cannot be rescheduled prior to a two-week waiting period. Therefore, it is vitally important that the candidate be well-versed and practiced in the standards and procedures contained in the Referee Handbook and take the preparation for the evaluation seriously. Following is a brief sampling of what is expected to pass the evaluation. In addition to displaying professionalism throughout, candidates must use at least two methods to simultaneously track servers, one of those being a clip that is moved from server to server, as described in the Handbook. Candidates must mark every point and side-out on the scoresheet and record the score in the timeout box whenever timeout is called. These procedures are just a few that are necessary to reconstruct a chain of events, if questioned. The Terms of Agreement also address revocation. After official notification and the opportunity to address the issue(s) identified, a referee’s certification can be revoked by a vote of the Certification Committee for continual, repeated and purposeful non-conformance to the standards and procedures. Following each of the three matches required for on-court evaluation, the candidate will receive constructive feedback. Once a candidate passes the on-court evaluation the evaluator will submit an online Evaluation Summary to the Training Department and credentials will be mailed to the certified referee within 30 days. Keep your eyes open for a blast announcing that applications are being accepted. The sooner you apply and pay, the better your chances of successfully scheduling the on-court evaluation date and venue you prefer. In the meantime, make sure that you have fulfilled the prerequisites and practice applying the standards and procedures contained in the Referee Handbook.  • M A G A Z I N E SUBSCRIBE NOW AT THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM FEATURES: • Instructional • Facility of the Content Month • Tournament • Player Profiles Schedules and • Destinations Results • Rules Q and A JUNE 2016 | MAGAZINE 13