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Hello Pickleballers ,

These past two months have been very exciting for pickleball and for my family . During this time , my family and I have had an amazing time traveling ( Arizona , Florida and Washington ) and making new friends . We are new to the game and we are amazed at the friendliness of the top players and manufacturers welcoming us for practice games between their tournament matches or afterward with a beer on the court . Pickleball players are salt-of-the-earth , wonderful people ! We look forward to the time we will be enjoying with them for years to come .
Speaking of tournaments , the biggest news this past month ( and possibly the past several years ) was the US Open Championships in Naples , Florida . Over 800 players competed in the five-day festivities on 46 courts in East Naples Community Park . This was the inaugural event for promoters Terri Graham and Chris Evon – and they hit a grand slam . Check out our Open coverage beginning on page 14 .
Also in this issue , we have several instructional articles from some of the best names in the business : Steve Paranto , Rusty Howes , Prem Carnot , Christine Barksdale , and Christine McGrath . The articles are universal to players of all levels . I recommend reading each one .
There are two fitness and nutrition articles from nationally renowned doctors Alan Bragman and Sean Diamond . They have the ability to explain difficult content in a way that anyone can easily understand !
Another important feature is the article “ Evolution of the Ball .” Perhaps it should be named differently as the article spends much of its focus explaining what makes a good ball and what specification changes are being imposed on the manufacturers beginning this fall . Please read this article , as it will impact your game .
In June , I ’ ll be in my hometown of Pittsburgh for the first-ever Pickleball Classic , then off to the Southern California Classic to watch the top players compete . If you see me , please introduce yourself and help me out with any story ideas or comments you might have .
Also , if you have a question on a rule or a confusing pickleball circumstance you found yourself in , please contact us and we will present your question to our Rules Guru .
Have a great June and I hope to meet you on the courts .
Wayne Dollard , Publisher
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