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FROM THE USAPA USAPA Public Forum Takes on New Look BY ROBERT NIBARGER – USAPA COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR T he USAPA public forum will take on a new shape and feel as the transition begins from the USAPA web site to the new Pickleball Magazine. The new format will provide readers an opportunity to interact with the USAPA and experts in the field of pickleball. To access the forum, readers will simply submit their questions using a newly created email address. A moderator will field the questions and sort them into categories. A USAPA forum specialist will then review the questions, forward the requests to subject matter expert and then provide a reply to the reader who submitted the inquiry or question. The new format will ensure that our readers get accurate and timely information on a variety of topics. The new forum will begin with the July edition of Pickleball Magazine. A new email address, [email protected], should be active as of May 1 and will provide readers a portal to submit their comments and questions. The existing public forum, located on the USAPA web page, will cease operation in July as the new forum gets underway. The USAPA Ambassador Forum will continue as is, and will not be changing formats.  • JUNE 2016 | MAGAZINE 35