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FROM THE USAPA USAPA NATIONALS VIII November 5-13, 2016 | Casa Grande, Arizona PALM CREEK GOLF & RV RESORT OVERVIEW The 2016 USAPA Nationals VIII Tournament is the pinnacle event for all pickleball players that you won’t want to miss! The 8th Annual USAPA Nationals will be played exclusively this year at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. All Age divisions will be played Nov. 5-9 while all Open and Sr. Open divisions will be played Nov. 11-13. This is a sanctioned tournament and open to all ages (8 and above). Awards are given to the top 3 finishers in each event and there are CASH PRIZES for the Open and Senior Open division medal winners! Award winners will also receive Tier 1 tournament points. 32 REGISTRATION usapa.org/nationals-viii Registration will open June 1. Space is limited in each event. Players can register without a partner or in anticipation of their partner registering. Both partners must register and pay event fees for the registration to be complete. Players with incomplete registrations or with partners who have incomplete registrations will be notified once an event reaches its limit. The player will have 30 days or until registration closes (whichever occurs first) to finalize the registration or be placed on the waiting list for the respective event. As an example, if a player registers for MD TO SUBSCRIBE CALL 724.942.0940 OR GO TO THEPICKLEBALLMAG.COM 50+ on June 1 and the MD 50+ group reaches its limit on June 15, both team members must have all fees paid by July 15 to remain in the event. A waiting list will be available when an event limit is reached. Players who register and who select a wait-listed event will not be charged for the event until they move from the wait-list event to the actual event. Players who register for more than one event should pay their registration fees and their event fees for those events for which they are not on the wait list. USAPA Membership Required. Participants who are not current USAPA Members, or whose memberships will