Pickleball Magazine 1-3 | Page 31

Photo courtesy Rusty Howes / The Pickleball Channel US OPEN PICKLEBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS event would feature a championship court complete with stadium seating and luxury box seats to watch both a professional open bracket as well as amateur brackets broken down by age and skill level.” She wanted to create a US Open Pickleball Tournament that would eclipse all events held for the sport to date. Graham called on her longtime friend Chris Evon (Wilson’s Player Programs Manager), who agreed to supply her expertise and make the career jump. The duo was in place and the next step was to find a location to host their US Open Pickleball Championships. They scoured the country looking for the best venue until they got to Naples. When asked why they chose Naples, Graham said, “Simple. Everyone wants to visit paradise.” Continued » Photo courtesy DougClarkCreative.com Photo courtesy DougClarkCreative.com Women’s Pro Singles Champion: Simone Jardim Men’s Doubles Pro Champions: Dave Weinbach and Kyle Yates Mixed 19+ Champions: Matt Wright and Lucia Kovalova JUNE 2016 | MAGAZINE 29