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reasons that the IFP clamped down on ball specs. The intent is to maintain the sport’s dinking integrity. Color. What color is best for indoor play? For outdoor play? The answer is in the eye of the player. When planning was underway for the Pennsylvania State Pickleball Championships, an indoor event, the steering committee debated for hours which color ball to use. In the end, three different colored balls were evenly split on player preference. The maintenance crew was called in to help resolve the debate. There are currently not less than nine colors used by the ball manufacturers. White and yellow are by far the most common, but other colors are coming. Riverstyks is leading the charge by increasing your options with six colors. Along with the basic colors, it also produces orange, pink and purple. Wilson has introduced Neon Fire, a hot lime green/yellow neon color that many say has unmatched visibility. The ball is still in testing phases. It is likely that more manufacturers will begin increasing the visual color “pop” like the future Wilson balls in the coming months and years. In summary, while nearly every ball from a given manufacturer is identical due to the materials and holecutting process, there is tremendous variation of balls among competitors. Generally speaking, there are no two balls alike across the various manufacturers. As of the time of this printing, there are eight IFP approved balls. With the growth of the sport and economic potential to the manufacturers, we can imagine that there will be 20 or more approved balls by September 2016. Pickleball Magazine will keep you updated as new balls are approved by the IFP.  • BALLS MEETING NEW IFP/USAPA SPECIFICATIONS AS OF 4/20/2016 Balls are tested for each size and each color. Balls are checked for size (diameter), weight (grams), bounce, and hardness (Durometer D scale) at 75 to 80 degrees. APPROVED BALLS Monarch Indoor Ball COLOR Y DIAMETER 2.88" WEIGHT 23 gr. BOUNCE 32 HARDNESS 40-42 MOLDING N/A Dura Fast 40 W,Y,O 2.94" 26 gr. 32" 45-50 Rotational Dura Fast 26 W 2.94" 25 gr. 31" 45-50 Rotational Onix Model 503 (outdoor) W,Y,O 2.90" 25 gr. 31" 46-50 Two-Piece Onix Pure 2 outdoor ball Y 2.88" 25 gr. 33" 44-46 Two-Piece Onix Pure 2 indoor ball Y 2.88" 23 gr. 33" 44-46 Two-Piece Pickleball Central TOP Y,O,W 2.94" 25 gr. 32" 46-50 Rotational RiverStyks Y,G,B,PK,PU,O 2.89" 22 gr. 33" 46/48 Two-Piece Effective 11/01/2015 the ball specifications changed. See IFP Rule 2.D. On 10/01/2016 any balls not meeting the new specifications will be removed from the list of approved balls. Below, in red, are balls that will no longer be approved on 10/01/2016. Others will be tested between now and October 2016. BALLS NOT MEETING NEW IFP/USAPA SPECIFICATIONS AFTER 10/1/2016 Cosom Fun Ball COLOR W,Y,R,G DIAMETER WEIGHT BOUNCE HARDNESS 2.88" 22 gr. 30" 40-42 Jugs Bulldog W,G 2.88" 23 gr. 37" 40-43 Mach-Z Finesse W,Y,R,G 2.81" 22 gr. 29" 40-43 Monarch “M” Outdoor Ball Y 2.91" 28 gr. 32" 44-48 Monarch Indoor Ball Y 2.82" 28 gr. 32" 44/48 Onix Pure Outdoor Ball Y 2.88" 26 gr. 37" 46-50 Pickleball HQ The Villages Y 2.94" 26 gr. 32" 45-50 Pickleball Now Indoor Ball G 2.88" 22 gr. 37" 44-48 Pickleball Now Outdoor ball Y 2.87" 26 gr. 32" 46-50 Uniker Sport Ace 40 Y 2.94" 26 gr. 32" 46-50 Uniker Sport MNBALL Y 2.94" 26 gr. 32" 46-50 Wilson Neon Flare/Hope NY 2.91" 26 gr. 35" 48-52 Colors: Y=Yellow, W=White, R=Red, G=Green, O=Orange, B= Blue, PK=Pink, PU=Purple, NY=Neon Yellow JUNE 2016 | MAGAZINE 25