Pickleball Magazine 1-3 | Page 22

Introducing a New ‘PICKLEBALL NETWORK’ S ocial networks are all around us and we would hardly imagine our lives without them. But, how about having a fully dedicated pickleball social network? You do not need to wait anymore as “Pickleball Global” just officially launched. We spoke with Jan David, founder of the network, about the genesis of the first pickleball network. PB: How did you get the idea of a pickleball network? Jan: A few years ago we started to develop a tennis network, but after being introduced to pickleball we realized there was a sport that needed our network much more. From that point we put all our focus on pickleball. PB: What is Pickleball Global all about? Jan: Pickleball Global is the only social network that combines the classic social network features as posting pictures and comments on public and private walls with special pickleball features as “My Profile” where all