Pickleball Magazine 1-3 | Page 17

RULES FOR TRICKLEBALL T his amusing variation on the basic rules of pickleball is great for four players who perhaps are not evenly matched but are friends and have a sense of fun. CARD • Use one deck of playing cards, jokers removed. • The server has the option of drawing a card prior to serving. • Maximum of 8 cards per team per game. If a deck of cards is not available, use a pair of dice: 11 subs for Jack, 12 subs for Queen. Disregard actions for King and Ace. Maximum of 8 rolls per team per game. ACTION 2 Subtract 3 points from opponent’s score unless result is less than zero. 3 Add 3 points to your score, unless result is 11 or higher. 4 Play exclusive dink game after the serve and return. 5 Your team gets a third serve. 6 Lob is illegal on the next point. 7 The ball can bounce twice on the next point. 8 All four players cannot use their backhand on the next point. 9 One of opponent’s players sits out the next point. 10 You have the option of serving overhand on the next point. Jack All four players play the next point with their nondominant hand. Queen You and your partner can volley the next point at the net — no kitchen rule. King Switch partners; server chooses which opponent is now his/her partner. Ace Reverse scores. JUNE 2016 | MAGAZINE 15