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PickleballAD-USOpenProgram-FINAL.pdf 2 3/14/16 8:49 AM C M Y themselves. We had 36 states represented, ages 48 to 84, pickling day and night to our heart’s content! PICKLE PUNTA CANA, our 2015 adventure, sold out in one month. We expanded to 175 picklers each week and were excited to have picklers from 38 states and three Canadian provinces, ages 36 to 94! The beautiful Dominican Republic welcomed us with open arms to the Royal Turquesa Suites which included swim-up rooms. With 16 day and night courts, we introduced the pickleball rodeo along with morning clinics, court hosts and hostesses, team pickleball, and ambassador meetings. We donated school supplies to the local schools in Punta Cana. Community groups, couples and singles came together to make new friends and renew cherished friendships. Live music was introduced and dance parties became a new tradition. Pickles, the beautiful peacock, became the mascot of the resort. The Dominican staff embraced the game and, once again, we left nets, paddles and balls. Because we loved the people and the island of Jamaica so much, 2016 will see us returning to PICKLE JAMAICA ‘MON in early December at the Lady Hamilton Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This all-inclusive and intimate resort has eight gourmet restaurants and 15 pickleball courts. There are four gorgeous beaches, snorkeling right on the shore, and the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Two one-week segments are offered for 175 picklers each week. If you are interested, contact Audrey Phillips at [email protected]. The pickleball adventures are only possible due to the contributions from a whole host of picklers who work together to continually improve trip quality. Your suggestions are welcome! • CM MY CY CMY Audrey Phillips is a USAPA ambassador in La Quinta, California. When she is not playing pickleball, she works as a psychotherapist and travel planner for friends. K PROUD SPONSOR OF TOURNAMENT POINTS SORTED BY LAST NAME SUBMITTED BY CHRIS THOMAS, USAPA RATINGS CHAIR T ournament Directors (TDs) often use tournament points (usapa.org, tournaments, tournament points) to assist in the tournament seeding process. This was a tedious effort, as the TD had to type in the player’s last name for each registered player in the tournament. On a suggestion from a TD, a software update (written by Bill Booth) has now streamlined this process. TDs can now select any of the bullet items, or combinations thereof, at the top of the points display page. For example, a TD can click on Men, Singles and 65+ for a particular year, 2015, 2016, etc. The results page will default to listing the players by most points earned as the sort sequence. But TDs and players can now click on the sortable column headings, such as “Player,” and obtain those players listed in alpha sequence. The “State/City” column is also clickable as a sort sequence. • MARCH 2016 | MAGAZINE 47