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Search volume over time | Excluding American football and horse racing Date range: Dec 2015 - Nov 2018 | Pi Market Intelligence 700k 2015 2016 2017 2018 Key insights: 600k 300k 1. Search volume for ‘Basketball’ begins to grow each March, as a result of March Madness, then continues to grow until May each year. YOY search volume has been growing for ‘Basketball’. 200k 2. ‘Soccer’ peaked highest in Jun 2018 as a result of the World Cup. 500k 400k 100k Baseball Basketball Cycling General Golf Ice hockey Motor sports Other sports be r ce 0 Soccer Tennis Want to see a bespoke report? Get more personalised insights into your market performance. Commission a report For methodology - see appendix 1 * pi-datametrics.com Leaderboard Report | US | Sportsbook 7