Physicians Office Resource Volume 12 Issue 6 - Page 6

Silaris™ Influenza A&B Test From Sekisui Diagnostics A molecular test utilizing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology providing accurate results for early diagnosis and proper management of influenza. Accurate √  Molecular Results  √  State-of-the art microfluidic cassette technology √  PCR test using proprietary OscAR™ Technology   Affordable √  Single Test Diagnosis  √  Controls in every kit √  Molecular reimbursement (CPT Code 87502) 6 PRODUCTFOCUS #4800 Simple √  Easy to Use √ Compact portable dock with no calibration required √  Room temperature storage View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4800 in the Search Area #4801 CLIA Waived Molecular Diagnostic Testing From Cepheid Cepheid’s GeneXpert Xpress ® brings standardized molecular testing to any healthcare setting. Employing the highly accurate and easy to use lab in a cartridge technology in every GeneXpert system, the GeneXpert Xpress ® is a true on-demand walkaway testing system with a simple test workflow that complements existing laboratory quality and regulatory compliance standards. Two or four-module configurations save valuable bench space and reduce the need for multiple testing platforms. View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4801 in the Search Area #4802 First Ever CLIA Waived Hematology Analyzer From Sysmex Faster test results, clinical decisions and greater practice efficiency are coming to physicians’ offices with the first CLIA-waived CBC analyzer. Hematology diagnostics leader Sysmex is bringing more lab testing to the point of care. One of the most common blood tests can be conducted reliably and accurately on-site, in as few as three minutes. The device’s ease of use and innovative technology means in-house staff can operate it in just a few easy steps, without lengthy certification and training. The new Sysmex XW-100 will improve health care efficiency and patient care. View Brochures, Videos, & More at: Enter Number: 4802 in the Search Area 6