Physicians Office Resource Volume 12 Issue 6 - Page 36

6 PRODUCTFOCUS #4881 Self-contained Diagnostic Workstation From Vitalograph Vitalograph introduces the Compact Expert diagnostic workstation. The device is a full touch-screen based medical workstation, which comes equipped with Vitalograph’s flagship Pneumotrac spirometer. This accurate, robust and linear Fleisch pneumotach produces over 50 spirometry parameters, automatically stores all test data, calibration data and clinical audit trail data in a secure network capable SQL Server database. An intuitive user interface enhances the routine workflow in most practices, allowing quick patient throughput. Beyond spirometry, it is a desktop testing station for ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Weight , COPD assessment, and Blood Pressure measurements. View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4881 in the Search Area Lightweight Handheld Spirometer From Vitalograph Vitalograph’s In2itive combines the benefits of full spirometry, data integration and mobility in a small lightweight handheld spirometer. The In2itive features flow measurement with the robust, industry leading accuracy of the Fleisch pneumotach. The spirometer can store over 10,000 patients in memory, archive to a MicroSD memory card or synchronize seamlessly with the new Spirotrac V spirometry software. Printing is accomplished by quickly downloading to the included Vitalograph Reports software or via an optional accessory print cradle directly to standard office printers. The In2uitive has a color touchscreen featuring audible graphic incentives. Portability is enhanced with full day rechargeable battery life. A unique aspect of the product is a convertible flow head, which can either be mounted directly on the top of the device or separated to allow it to be held by the patient while the technician holds the device. #4882 View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4882 in the Search Area #4883 The RX daytona+ From Randox A bench-top, fully automated, random-access chemistry analyzer, providing routine and specialized testing with emergency STAT sampling functionality. Demonstrating unparalleled versatility, the RX daytona+ combines robust hardware and intuitive software with the world-class RX series test menu, including specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants and diabetes testing. The RX daytona+ ensures unrivalled precision, reliability and accuracy for results you can trust. View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4883 in the Search Area 36