Physicians Office Resource Volume 12 Issue 6 - Page 32

PHYSICIANS office RESOURCE 2018 - Issue 6
# 4877
OSOM ® Ultra Flu A & B
From Sekisui Diagnostics
The OSOM ® Ultra Flu A & B test is a rapid qualitative assay for the detection of Influenza A and Influenza B from multiple sample types . The OSOM ® Ultra Flu A & B provided physicians with the ability to rapidly and accurately diagnosis influenza which enables a choice of antiviral therapy , helps avoid the overuse of antibiotics , and prevents healthcare costs related to unnecessary testing and treatment .
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From Routine To Specific Tests , Perform Them All On A Single System
From HORIBA Medical
The Pentra C400 is an extremely compact Clinical Chemistry benchtop analyzer . From routine to specific tests , it can perform them all on a single system . It can run up to 420 tests per hour with ISE module . Its automation and continuous loading provides enhanced productivity in a user-friendly environment .
# 4878
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# 4879
Now It ’ s More Than Just A Blood Test
From Sysmex
With its simplified operation , the Sysmex XP-300™ is ideal for clinics and physician office labs . It provides a CBC with 17 different parameters , including a 3-part WBC Differential . The XP-300 + M combines the accuracy and reliability of a Sysmex CBC with the agility of Medicus Middleware . Features include EMR connectivity , instrument interfaces and a QC module .
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