Physicians Office Resource Volume 12 Issue 6 - Page 18

6 PRODUCTFOCUS #4834 Portable, Single Click Operation Spirometer From MicroDirect The Micro Direct SpiroUSB many features include single click operation of all main functions, full ATS/ERS test quality checks, real time Flow/Volume and Volume/Time traces, a choice of child incentive displays, choice of predicted values, estimated lung age, pre/post bronchodilator comparisons and can be used on multiple PC’s with dongle software protection key. The child incentive display and ATS quality checks ensure maximal results every time. Use with a laptop for true portability. View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4834 in the Search Area #4835 Hematology Testing Made Easy From Sysmex Designed for labs testing up to 25 samples per day, the Sysmex pocH-100i™ has the smallest footprint of any analyzer on the market. The instrument requires only 15µL of whole blood for reporting of 17 clinical parameters, including a 3-part WBC Differential. It is ideal for urgent care, physician office lab, small clinic, or any outpatient setting where a point of care CBC is needed. View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4835 in the Search Area #4836 The RX imola From Randox A fully automated, random access analyzer with STAT sampling functionality; boosting productivity and saving time when it matters most. Developed for medium-high throughput laboratories, the RX imola provides comprehensive testing with the world-class RX series test menu, including specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants and diabetes testing. The RX imola: A cost-effective system that delivers consistent high quality results with a small footprint. View Brochures, Videos & More at: Enter Number: 4836 in the Search Area 18