Photography Blow Up Nicolò Gemin Photographer

Nicolò Gemin – Photo Bio Nicolò Gemin was born in Venice in 1978, since childhood had always ventured through a discovery of reality by the medium of photography, his father Massimo Gemin, professor of art history at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venezia, gave him his first Pentax when he was 11 years old. In 1999 he founded Blow Up with some friends, a cultural association of visual arts, inspired by the sense that Antonioni gave to the English word ( enlargement ) in his eponymous film, a fascinating meditation on the gap ( if there is one ) between fantasy and reality. In 2002/2004 he was student at I.S.F.A.V. Professional Photography School in Padua. In 2004/2005 he becomes a teaching assistant in a photography course at IUAV, University of Architecture of Venice. In the following years, and in the latter was engaged in various assistantships, creative projects, collaborations and services to architecture and interiors, weddings, still life, musical and luxury events. " Often what we know or think we know about life surprises us greatly once we approached to look for a better understanding. " (VIEW) " Then the certainties waver. Colors change. Forms are stabilized. People ... are more ... persons. Everything takes on a new meaning accomplished, a different consciousness from before. " (SHOT) " Visual field narrows and the reality is all around us, in that times we would run away ........ but not this time ... no ... not this. " (CLICK)