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Jan . 22-Feb . 7 , 2015 11
February 8 - 21 , 2017
Philippine Showbiz Today

Jan . 22-Feb . 7 , 2015 11

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil return to the big screen with a modern love story that will soon be seen in key countries worldwide via TFC @ theMovies
Quezon City , Philippines ( January 30 , 2017 ) - After their successful TV series “ Dolce Amore ,” Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil ’ s love team more popularly known as LizQuen will make a comeback on the big screen in the upcoming Star Cinema film “ My Ex and Whys ,” which will soon screen in key countries worldwide via TFC @ theMovies .
Followers in and outside the Philippines witnessed how the two Kapamilya stars have evolved as actors in their recent TV series . Before the series , they were first paired in the film “ She ’ s the One ” in 2013 , with Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes . Their first lead film was “ Just the Way You Are ” in 2015 which was immediately followed the same year by another film , “ Everyday I Love You .”
Now , after a year of skipping the silver screen , the love team is back and will star in a light but relatable film which will show how the characters they will portray will be engaged in a relationship ,

Liza and Enrique tackle second chances in the film My Ex and Whys

which in the words of Gil , is “ more mature ” compared with their previous characters ’.
D e s c r i b i n g their roles , Gil first talked about his character Gio : “ I play a playboy who will try to prove he has changed .”
On the other hand , Soberano will portray Gio ’ s e x - g i r l f r i e n d Cali . “ My character is very modern - a blogger who is hesitant to fall in love again . She is afraid to get hurt all over again ,” Soberano says .
Gil teased that the audience will surely relate with their characters , especially since most of the scenes in the film are based on stories of real people .
In the story “ My Ex and Whys ,” Cali , the blogger dreams of being a social media influencer . The popularity of her blog skyrockets after her exchange of messages with social media user @ DahilListBoy goes viral . She grabs the opportunity and meets him , only to find out that he ’ s her ex-boyfriend Gio who has once broken her heart and who is now reaching out to win back her heart , on purpose .
To have a better understanding of the film ’ s story , Soberano shares their tactic . “ We asked guys about different situations in relationships and why men cheat ” she relates .
The film started to grind last year , and some of the scenes were shot in the popular tourist spots in South Korea . This film is under the supervision of the box office director Cathy Garcia-Molina who was behind popular films like “ One More Chance ,” “ A Very Special Love ,” and “ My Amnesia
Girl ” to name a few .
Also starring in the film are Joey Marquez , Ara Mina , Arlene Muhlach , Dominic Roque , Ryan Bang , Neil Coleta , Cai Cortez , and Hyubs Azarcon .
As Gio tries to prove to Cali that he ’ s a changed man , can Cali open her heart again to love and give her old flame a second chance ? Find out the answers in the film “ My Ex and Whys ,” which will soon screen in key countries worldwide via TFC @ theMovies : February 16 in UAE , Qatar , Bahrain , and Oman ; February 17 in the U . S . and Canada ; February 18 and 19 United Kingdom ; February 19 Vienna in Austria ; Milan and Rome in Italy , Malta ; Madrid and Barcelona in Spain ; February 23 in Papua New Guinea ; February 24 in Saipan ; and March 5 in Hong Kong .
For more updates about the film , including additional screenings , visit tfc-usa . com / exandwhys , tfc-ca . com / exandwhys , emea . kapamilya . com , and the facebook page applicable for your area . Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas , follow @ KapamilyaTFC on Twitter and Instagram . ●