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Philippine Showbiz Today
February 8 - 21 , 2017 Jan . 22-Feb . 7 , 2015

Gold ( PG ) **

Jungle Fever !

A born adventurer tries to stake his claim to fame and strike it rich in Gold . Made by ELevation Pictures and the Weinstein Company this film explores the mania untold wealth brings along with its quest . Lay your stake to this claim at select Cineplex Theatres across B . C .
Oscar winning Mathew McConaughey is on a hot streak . Able to transform into any character the chameleon ditches his civil war attire for jungle friendly wear as he searches for the yellow mother lode in mysterious Indonesia . When a find is made the young man ’ s life is changed though not necessarily for the better . Credit local Edgar Ramirez for paving the wave for a hidden fortune ,
News of the strike sees the corporate vultures at the ready . Greed may not be necessarily all that good with all that lustres luring a born adventurer into a path of destruction that means excess can be deadly .
High stakes are indeed on the line In a story that finds it hard to distinguish between the wild kingdom known as Wall Street and secluded hot spots in the tropics . ●