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Shifting gears to the new normal of retailing
Retail News Capsule
The 5 most important new KPIs of retail and how to improve them
Finding context in digital transformation and marketing
Retail Spotlight : A constant move towards the silver lining
Special Feature : A humble beginning to sustainability
Responsible consumption and the future of retail
Wee can make a change in the new normal of learning
How the pandemic is re-shaping retail trends in Asia
New age of retail
Retail Spotlight : Strengthening alliance in the face of adversity
COVID-19 : A catalyst for omnichannel acceleration
After pandemic , what ’ s next for retail apart from contactless ?
Questions and answers on customer loyalty and engagement during pandemic times
Conversation with Zap
Members Corner
Special Column : Managing uncertainties into opportunities
PRA in Action
Special Column : The digital economy leaps forward
Letter from the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
As we bid goodbye to 2020 and meet the new year , let me thank everyone for being with us in our journey in the past year . I know it was extra difficult for many of us . And while you face your own challenges for your company or business , as well as your own safety and of your family — we are delighted and thankful that we all made it through this year ; challenged , yet stronger .
We hope that in this coming year , may we all carry within us the learnings brought by 2020 and that we all emerge stronger together , kinder to everyone including ourselves , and more grateful for each sunrise we wake up to .
In this issue we bring to you new and timely insights that we hope will help you as you continue to navigate this new normal . We have partnered with Globe Business to share insights on shifting gears to the new normal of retailing . We present inspiring and insightful stories from two of our members who were challenged differently yet pivoted creatively to sustain their business and continue to provide jobs to their people . Read on articles on how the pandemic is reshaping retail in Asia , digital marketing , and a story of start-up gearing towards sustainability , and more .
Thank you once again for your continued support to the Philippine Retailers Association , and may the new year bring us a life of of love and good health for us and for our loved ones .
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
Evelyn Balmeo-Salire Editor-In-Chief
Catherine Nanta Managing Editor
BM Miranda Circulation Manager
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Evelyn Balmeo-Salire Editor-in-Chief
Paul Payongayong Graphic Designer
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