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Questions and Answers on Customer Loyalty and Engagement During Pandemic Times

Yayu Javier is a past president of the Philippine Marketing
Association , current board member of the Marketing Institute of the Philippines , Chairperson of the United Nations Global Compact Philippines , Board member of the Bank Marketing Association and Board of Trustee Member of the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives . She is the co-owner and shareholder of
Avanza , Inc ., a CRM and loyalty company with international and local awards in Loyalty and Marketing .
With so many webinars and studies to help retailers and businesses survive during the pandemic , I have decided to make a simple Q & A article to get right to the point . I am sure you are probably overwhelmed with so much information , so here it goes ….
Question : How can a retailer be part of a big community ?
One of the going trends now is that retailers sign up with several market place sites . Why ? Because it ' s the easiest way to capture new customers and sell their products without having to spend more on advertising or digital campaigns . You can try out which one works best for you but always open your mind with new ones .
Being a merchant partner is another platform that will help you increase your customer base . SOCIAL REWARDS , Avanza ’ response to COVID-19 is our advocacy to help retailers and small business get back in business . You will be tapping a huge database of high-spenders of a leading bank in the Philippines without having to build your own . Best of all , there are no joining fees !
Question : How did the Customer Experience change during the PANDEMIC ?
Customers now look for comfort and convenience in view of the quarantine , thus , the need to stay home . If you don ’ t have a website , e-commerce , delivery , online Customer Service , an engagement or loyalty app , then you ’ re not even in the game . It is so easy to set up a website now as there are templates available like Go Daddy and some are even free . Shopify for instance has a website with an e-commerce platform at a subscription model .
Of course , if you want a customized one that can link your e-commerce with delivery or booking , that would make the customer experience even better .
Question : Is Customer Service more important now during COVID ?
More than 50 % of customers are looking for great customer service even more so now . Ironically , there is less available customer service on hand and customers have to queue for a long time to get the service they want .
Question : Is Customer Service only through hotlines ?
Customer Service now has shifted from telephone hotlines to online . The digital platform is now the new Customer Service . SOCIAL CRM , is the new buzz word in the industry . You need to have equipped customer service people who know how to respond to queries online such as Facebook , Viber , and other messenger apps . Quick response to queries on an online engagement is within 3 minutes otherwise your customer will shift to another vendor .
One of the most successful social CRM case studies we have in Avanza is the increase in online sales for a client during the pandemic because of the right timing of response and helpfulness of the agents in their social media account .
Question : How can a brand become more relevant during the COVID ?
PURPOSEFUL is the key strategy that your business should consider . Based on studies , consumers patronize more and more businesses that serve communities . Take a look at Coca Cola and Century Tuna who have shifted their advertising money to help frontliners and affected communities . San Miguel Corporation has converted its manufacturing to sanitizers to help the public in view of the shortage of alcohol and hand sanitizers . Brands that serve communities during times of need become the top-of-mind brand to consumers .
Question : Is Loyalty still relevant now ?
Loyalty has become even more relevant now because there is still competition . Selecting a platform is not the only thing that you should consider but also determining the right strategy for your customer loyalty . Choosing the right partner based on what you want to achieve for your business is more important so you know you have the right tools to achieve your objectives . A tool is just a tool , what is more important is knowing the strategy that fits your business .
Question : Is it better to just piggy back on an existing loyalty platform or is it better to create your own platform ?
This question has been asked so many times even before the pandemic . While I have earlier stated that a merchant would be good to maximize its presence in various platforms catering of course , to its target market , it should continue to promote its brand identity . Riding on an existing platform is usually good for new players in the industry but as you build your brand , you need to start creating your own CRM program and not just a loyalty program .
Question : What is the difference between a loyalty program and a CRM program ?
A loyalty program primarily focuses on the points transactions and rewards . A CRM program focuses more on determining the right campaign to increase purchase and improve shopping behaviors . A CRM program utilizes campaign management systems based on analytics to provide the right offer , to the right customer , at the right time using the right communications channel . It helps you to get to know your customer better so you can create more effective campaigns .
Avanza is a CRM and Loyalty company whose core strength is marketing strategy using tech-driven solutions and platforms for loyalty and engagement . Backed by 27 years of experience with global brands in various industries , we are not just a platform builder but a strategy developer .
SOCIAL REWARDS is our response to the COVID Crisis , because we want to help retailers and become more purposeful . Email as at engage @ avanz . ph to inquire about our advocacies and our CRM and loyalty solutions so we can inspire your customers .