Philippine Retailing Magazine Q4 2020 (Digital Edition Only) - Page 14

“ To build successful business , we need to start by building successful employees . Hence , every employee matters . And through this approach , success becomes sustainable and scalable .”
This is an important quote that Lynda Wee , the founder and CEO of Bootstrap , subscribes to . And this is the same credo that started and sustained Bootstrap as a consultancy service that aims to empower individual and business transformation . The Singapore-based company offers solutions like people development and enterprise development , including for retail service professionals among others .
Lynda Wee app allows learner to search what they want to learn , as learning is no longer linear , and chat with the community which is a social learning strategy .
With their clients including luxury brands Louis Vuitton , and Salvatore Ferragamo ; chain stores such as Dairy Farm Singapore , OSIM , Charles & Keith , and malls , among others ; learning is 24 / 7 and anywhere .
She added that reporting officers and HRs are able to view the learning activities and intervene with more learning resources or provide recognition for innovative ideas from the ground based on the learning analytics . This also promotes ground-up innovation .
“ To help our clients recalibrate , we conduct customer profiling ,” Lynda explains .
According to her , Bootstrap was founded just like its name , pull yourself up by your bootstrap specifically to improve your situation based on your own unaided efforts , and this especially helped them find their ground as they deliver to their clients during the pandemic .
As the Covid-19 disrupted various industries including retail and consultancy services and trainings , Bootstrap faced their unique challenges as well . With movement restriction during the lockdown in the Singapore , they were not able to conduct their usual face-to-face training or meeting . Hence , Lynda and her team equipped themselves with video conferencing tool Zoom and digital workspace for visual collaboration tool Mural to conduct synchronous e-learning and meeting .
Further with the challenges of this era , Lynda believes in Design Thinking and Inquiry-Based learning to equip and enable adult learners to be change-ready with 21st century skills , as need for rapid speed of change is underscored .
At the 2nd phase of the circuit breaker or quarantine in Singapore , they were able to resume their workshops through simultaneous e-learning . Mobile learning app was also sought after since it makes knowledge repository and social learning accessible , and continued offering learning including to the affected retail industry .
When the student is ready the teacher appears …
Theorizing from a famous Lao Tzu quote : When the student is ready the teacher appears . When the student is truly ready , the teacher disappears , Lynda believes that learning happens when the learner is ready , not when the trainer is available . “ Hence , we believe in Just-in-Time Learning and Just-for-Me Learning using our award-winning Mobile Learning App , PocketSEED .” She further explains that this
The changing learning landscape
To adapt in the new normal , Lynda believes that changes are needed in the retail scene and focus on the following are needed to be able to reach out to customers and clients . Retailers need to be customer-centric , to show empathy , to engage technology to serve and use social media , and observe data privacy customer fatigue in over-communication .
This includes identifying who they are ( have they change ?), mapping their customer journey , joy and pain in the context of pandemic . Then , we seek opportunities to curate and deliver different and better experiences .
Empowering the leaders of today and tomorrow
It is important to rethink and reimagine one ’ s role in working in today ’ s retail . Lynda adds that service comes in many platforms now ; from online ( email , whatsapp , social media ) to call to store to delivery .
“ Pre-Covid , we draw the line between pre-order , online differently from store-based . Now , it is seamless . And retail leaders need to adapt to these ,” she shares .
With the changing landscape , retail leaders need to be SEXY or Strategic , Educate , X-factor , and Yield . Strategic means to do different and better things and to not just follow rules or do same old stuff . Educate is to learn about changes in customers , new process , new environment . Retail leaders need to keep learning and evolving . X-factor means to rethink and reimagine the new
X-factor needed to serve in their brand . And to yield is to focus on productivity and deliver yield .
“ Don ’ t just be busy with things that do not add up . Don ’ t lose focus or sweat small stuff ,” she adds .
Lynda and her team demonstrates that just like retailing , learning in the new normal needs to be adjusted , and should always adjust to the needs of the client . Digital transformation is vital , for businesses to reach regular and prospective clients , yet having empathy and understanding of your clients ’ needs are always essential ingredients that business leaders to truly make a change .