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COLUMN How How technology technology is is shaping shaping the the future future of of innovation innovation in in retail retail Kickstart is the Philippines' most active Corporate Venture Capital firm investing in early- to early-growth stage tech startups globally. We put capital, market access, and expertise behind startups so they have a better shot at success. Kickstart is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom and is backed by SingTel and Ayala Corporation. In this column, we go straight to the source of innovation and ask tech leaders their 5W’s: Who, What, Why, Where, and When to get to the driving force behind an innovation and a better understanding on its application in the digital transformation of retail. WHO: Gian is the CEO of Aiah, a leader in intelligent process automation that uses software robots to automate customer interactions and back-office processes. Aiah's goal is to build a future where bots and brains work together in the enterprise. A graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University,  Gian is a self-taught software developer who got his feet wet in the corporate world, working with global giants Hewlett-Packard and Unilever before leading the technology teams of US startups' Montpac and Efficio Tecnology Services. In 2013, Gian co-founded Aiah to build an online document approval system for a client. From this humble beginning, Aiah now has over 50 people delivering automation solutions to clients in the telecom, financial services, consumer goods and pharmaceutical verticals in the Philippines, United States and Singapore. Gian used to take care of 11 cats. WHY: We started by helping one client convert their paper forms to online forms. This alone led to reduction of processing time from 2 weeks to 3 days and the complete elimination of paper. We then realized that if this client achieved these outcomes using the tech that we built in a few weeks, what more if we focus our entire company to further develop that technology. That was 6 years ago. And now, with customers expecting better, faster, cheaper products and services, more and more companies are looking at digital solutions to help them achieve those goals. However, we believe that automation is merely 1/2 of the solution, the other half belongs to the humans who will now have more strategically important tasks. This combination of bots and brains is the vision of Aiah. WHAT: Aiah is an intelligent automation platform designed to build and deploy AI bots that serve as your company’s first AI teammate. Aiah Actions bots can automate repetitive and transaction-heavy business processes using robotic process automation OR Aiah Assist bots can automate commerce conversations at scale using chat and AI. WHERE: Using Aiah will lead organizations to have teams of bots and brains. Humans and software robots working together to generate positive outcomes for their clients and stakeholders. Imagine having chatbots enabling commerce transactions at scale and software RPA robots 5WS WITH KICKSTART by Frances Barsana Frances Barsana helps companies in their digital transformation journey by connecting them with the most innovative technology startups in the market. She helps build strategic and commercial partnerships between best-in-class tech startups and top1000 corporations in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. automating repetitive tasks while humans solve customer problems and devising new ways to better serve customers? Organizations which have those will enjoy the speed, scale and flexibility of automation while being able to provide awesome and world-class experiences because employees are focused solely on solving customer problems and designing new and better products or services. WHEN: When you use Aiah, you will: Increase productivity up to 20x vs manual processes with Aiah Actions Decrease process cost by up to 80% with Aiah Actions Experience 400% more leads and up to 50% lower acquisition cost with Aiah Assist Perform banking-grade secure transactions in chat with Aiah Assist