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23 PRA IN MOTION 50th RETAIL EXCELLENCE SEMINAR SERIES Discovery Suites Ortigas PHILIPPINE RETAILING nov 07 Consultant and one of the Canada’s Top Retail Merchandising Expert Natalie Tan shares Contemporary In-Store Retail Strategies to Influence Shoppers’ Buying Behaviour to over 80 attendees of the workshop. nov 22 PRA HR-COMMITTEE OUTREACH PROGRAM Reception and Study Center for Children, Quezon City The PRA HR-Committee recently conducted its yearly outreach program at the DSWD's Reception and Study Center for Children, where over 80 children received gifts and shared hearty snacks during the program. WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Porta Vaga Porta Vaga Department Store was successfully launched last February 23, 2018. It aims to provide mall-goers in Baguio City a complete shopping experience within a family-friendly establishment. The store also offers a wide variety of local and international brands of apparel, appliances, gadgets, personal care, home lines, among others. Ellana Cosmetics Ellana Minerals was established in 2008 and is the No.1 Mineral Cosmetic Brand in the Philippines. It is now under the intellectual property of Vivanti Executive Advantage Inc, under the mother company Elevese Buenven Holdings Corp, which also has stakes in Pharmaceutical Distribution and Executive Search Services.  Sophia Jewellery Sophia Jewellery sells pieces that celebrate rare beauty, timeless love, and unparalleled success. Through their exquisite accessories sold in various stores across Zamboanga and beyond, they aim to empower women and give them more ideas suited to SME owners who are looking to add new services to their establishments and to individuals who are looking to start a new business on their own for extra income opportunity. Beeline Now Consulting Services Beeline Now Consulting Services is a marketing consultant company which aims to understand the client’s business, goals and how they engage with customers, in order to help them determine the right marketing strategies, build the right campaigns and orchestrate execution.   Devex Inc. Devex Inc. bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of their construction and engineering services. The company has earned its experience in major market segments, including but not limited to general commercial establishments, small-scale and large-scale retail, logistics and supply chain, food and beverage retail, service and storage.