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RETAIL SPOTLIGHT Elegant Trio Color's journey to global going A family business selling cosmetics and hair care line, Elegant Trio Colors or ETC was managed by mother and daughter tandem, and just recently the management was handed over to daughter Gisella May Cristobal. While the company already has operations in the United States of America (USA), and product reach across Europe and Asia, it is still aggressively working to become recognized both in the local and foreign soil. And true enough, with passion and determination, the company has been recognized by foreign magazines and events to become their partner. Their make-up brands, JAZZY France and Pinkies Collections and hair care brand ASIDA Paris have been used and trusted in events and magazines from US and France, and hopefully, with further push in a larger scale and in various parts of the world. Thalia, Akon, and Mel B., among other artists, in collaboration with the "For The Stars Fashion House". What would you say are the strong points of the company in the market? We are proud to offer products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and modesty aside the first Filipino brand that is made in Paris. Our company has a beauty line with a heart. We create safe, non-hazardous products that transform our clients to become the best version of themselves. Portions of the profits are also donated to several charitable foundations that the company supports. What are some of the biggest milestones of your company? The Philippine Retailing talked with Gisella or Ms. G, as she is called in their office, and she shared how their family started ETC, along with the challenges they faced, dreams and plans for the business. Being in the business for almost a decade, we are proud to say that we've been featured in various international and local magazines including Vogue, Runway, and Mega among others. We also had opportunities to work at the Emmy's Awards and are part of the Fashion Week in the US. Why did you decide to venture into this business? What were you doing prior to putting up ETC? What were the challenges the company has encountered and how did you overcome these? Before entering the cosmetic industry, we were engaged in various businesses, including a salon, which led us to partner with beauty expert James Cooper, who then opened the doors for cosmetic business to us. After graduation, I pursued my lifelong passion for cosmetics and took up hair and makeup artistry in Los Angeles, California to become a Hollywood Certified Master Makeup and Hair Design Artist. Through determination, I was able to handle Hollywood celebrities such as There were so many trials and challenges especially when we expanded in the US. Racism will always be there, being a Filipino brand, but with pride and glamour, we were able to win the battle. They were able to see that we are a cosmetics brand with a heart because we care, share and support in our small ways, charities and educational institutions. We are also fortunate to have a good PR management there. Do you have a woman leader whom you look up to? Who and why? My mom, Ms. Leila Cristobal. Not only because she is my mom, but she is an empowered woman, who's able to balance everything from her personal life to handling the business. Aside from that, she is wise, has the biggest heart, selfless and most importantly loves and never forgets Jesus. Everything that I am is because of my parents, most especially my mom. I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me. What’s your further dream/goal for the business? We intend to compete globally through online market, open distributorship and we hope to join some of the biggest beauty exhibits in various parts of the world like Japan, Dubai, Europe and U.S. and become the first Filipino makeup brand to do so. Through this, we hope to create more jobs as well. What value do you get by becoming a member of PRA? PRA provides members with a competitive advantage because they become active, informed members of their industry. They lead and brief us on important industry trends, new legislative ruling, and advances in technology. Retail Spotlight aims to share the success stories and insights of PRA members. Share your story with us! if you have an inspiring story on how you started your business, or an employee who has served as inspiration within the company or the retailing community, we’d love to publish them on the Philippine Retailing magazine. Email your pitch at and let’s share beautiful, inspiring stories to the retailing community. 17