Philippine Asian News Today Vol 21 No 7 | Page 2

࿉С እˑእ B.C. RICHMOND (604) 233-0886 3000 Sexsmith Road,Richmond,BC V6X4K9 Sea Island Way HOT DEALS SHANGHAI BOK CHOY MIEU MUSCAT SEEDLESS GRAPES Bridgeport Rd PHILIPPINE ASIAN NEWS TODAY April 1 - 15, 2019  FRESH BEEF SHANK """ #Z"JS Reg: 6.99 Reg: 1.99 1.29/ LB 3.88/ LB MEXICAN BLUEBERRY AMBROSIA APPLE &953" -"3(& Reg: 4.99 "QS   0OMZ 13&.*6. MAMA CHICKEN SOUP FLAVOUR INSTANT NOODLE 24X55G Reg: 3.99 Reg: 9.99 2.68/ LB 3.99/ LB TAIWAN GUAVA FRESH GOLDEN POMPANO MEXICAN MANGO 4.99/ CASE BABY YU CHOY BEAN SPROUTS "QS   0OMZ #Z"JS "QS   0OMZ 1.08/ LB 1.98/ LB 1.88/ LB 1.99/ LB 2.99/ LB CAULIFLOWER US EGGPLANT BBQ VANCOUVER SKEWER SERIES FRESH PORK BUTT FRESH TENDER KOBE BEEF LIVE LING COD STEAK 0.99/ LB 0.99/ LB 15.99/ PACK 1.99/ LB 8.88/ LB 8.99/ LB LIVE BC CLAM FRESH BANDIT FISH AA1 INDIA MACKEREL AA1 LITTLE TUNA 3.98/ EA #Z"JS 600G 680G BAGUIO SWEET HOT LOGARNISA WHOLE CASSAVA 454G 375G 3.99/ LB 2.99/ LB 3.59/ EA 3.59/ EA 3.99/ EA 1.49/ EA PHILIPINO LEAF SERIES GREEN JACKFRUIT 454G FIESTA ICE CREAM SERIES FROZEN SEARAY GREENED TURBOT KNORR CHICKEN BROTH MIX LKK SOY SAUCE 1.29/ EA 1.99/ EA 9.99/ EA 5.88/ LB 7.80/ EA 3.99/ EA ADVANCED COMPOSITE SEASONING MILK SCENT PEANUT SUPER COFFEE/ MILK TEA SERIES MEDALLION WHOLE MILK POWDER MEIJI ALMOND BLACK CHITATO POTATO CHIPS CHOCOLATE 84G 55G 3.99/ EA 2.68/ LB 4.99/ EA 9.99/ EA 2 FOR 5.00 0.99/ EA 227G 1.5L 600-800G 450G 500G 1SJDFJO&GGFDUJWF"QS 'SJ _"QS 5IVS  1KG 1.9L 0QFO%BZTB8FFL_0QFOPO)PMJEBZT 8IJMFRVBOUJUJFTMBTU"EWFSUJTJOH JGBOZUZQPHSBQIJDBMFSSPST NBSLFECZUIF4UPSFTIBMMQSFWBJM1SPNPUJPOEPFTOPUBQQMZUPDPNNFSDJBMXIPMFTBMFBDUJWJUJFT 䆅 ∥ 䊺 ጷ For those who are interested to work in Foody World, whether experienced or not, we welcome you to join our team. Inquiries and appointment please call 778-955-6696 or 778-955-6066 Please email resume to [email protected], or visit Foody World at 3000 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, B.C. V6X 4K9 Higher hourly rate for well experience people needed for: Produce Section Seafood Section Meat Section Frozen Section Cashier Cosmetic Section WWW.PHILIPPINEASIANNEWSTODAY.COM Please call or visit for more detail