Pet Life SnipPET, New Zealand Issue 4 : August 2016 - Page 9

PetBrew is the only fresh, live and active product that delivers billions of live probiotic lactobacilli in every bottle. Our customers report improvements to skin and coat condition, improvements to overall health and energy, control of loose stools and diarrhoea, improved freedom of movement, and more.

Promote gastrointestional health

Improve skin conditions

Improve temperament

Freshen breath

Reduce flatulence




BioBrew have five 350ml bottles of PetBrew probiotic to give away to five lucky readers.

To enter email and enter Pet Life Give Away in the subject line. Don't forget to include your contact details in the email message. One entry per person per issue. First five emails receive product. All winners are at the discretion of BioBrew.

PetBrew is easy to give to your pet simply mix into your pet's food or syringe orally per label instructions and watch the results appear! For more severe conditions, a double dose may be used for 1-2 weeks until symptoms improve. /August, 2016 9