Pet Life SnipPET, New Zealand Issue 4 : August 2016 - Page 8

Magazine UPCOMING FEATURES Pet Life is a new magazine for animal lovers and people who love their pets. Full of engaging content, awesome photos, tips and inspiring stories. Dogs, cats, pocket pets, horses, goats, birds, fish, turtles, exotics and more – we cover them all. Our regular sections include vet articles, pet first aid tips, rescue group superstars, giveaways and an extensive list of animal welfare & rescue groups across New Zealand. Alongside our regular features we will be incorporating exciting and interesting articles on a variety of pet related topics. Check out what we have planned for the upcoming 12 months. S u m m e r 2 0 1 6/ 1 7 Autumn 20 17  Introduction to Pet Life Ltd and our mission  Introducing Riding for the Disabled NZ  Introducing Assistance Dogs Trust New Zealand  Natural horsemanship  What Now - Dog of the week  Emergency pet plan  Parrot playtime - safe toys for your bird  Anxiety and your pet  BESTPRACTICE - veterinary quality accreditation  Pet insurance - what you need to know  Pet physio - what is it and who needs it?  Walkabout pets  Pet perfect gifts  When its time to say goodbye  Kids & pet safety  Pocket pets - are they the right choice for you? Wi n t e r 2 0 1 7 Spring 2017  Cooler weather and your pet  Spring into pet inner health  The benefit of chicken flock blocks  Dental care and your pet  Large animal pets  Pet legends  Cat Cafés - would you like a cat with your coffee?  Eukanuba Canine Good Citizen  Work place petiquette  Pet hacks - ways to save money  In the show ring - what to expect  Whose your Mumma? - DNA testing  Training tips - what every pup must know  Desexing explained  What we love - products that have won us over  Exotic pets - tips and tricks for easy care If any of our scheduled features would complement your company and you would like to showcase your business alongside an article then contact us at This features list is to act as a guide only and maybe subject to change. Mission | To create a free and informative publication for all pet owners to enjoy while giving back to animal welfare charities in New Zealand