Pet Life SnipPET, New Zealand Issue 4 : August 2016 - Page 7

Is my life and household stable enough for such a dog. Due to the previous abuse, such dogs need a stable loving environment to repair the damage they have suffered.

Can I, or my family, provide the daily care, grooming and medical care that may be required?

Can I provide the training, or re-training, that may be required?

What age and sex dog do I want? Is an older dog better suited to your household?

Once your rescue dog has recovered from the poor treatment of his previous owners, then you will have a dog that appreciates exactly what you’ve done for him. He’s experienced the bad and knows he’s now got it good. The result is a friendly, loyal companion for life.

How Pet Life Can Help YOuRescue Group Help

When we started Pet Life we knew we wanted to give back and our mission statement reflects this:

To create a free and informative publication for all pet owners to enjoy while giving back to animal welfare charities in New Zealand.

We are true animal lovers and we know that there are so many animals out there that do not get the best life. Without the amazing work done by all the rescue and welfare groups across New Zealand so many animals would never learn what a loving family is. Here at Pet Life we want to support as many of these groups as possible and have thought of a number of ways to do so.

Rescue Group Superstars

A regular feature in our print magazine showcasing the great work that these groups are doing. Any group can be nominated for this and if showcased within the magazine will be given a donation to say thank you for not only their time but also the work they do.

Animal Welfare Listing

All groups that are listed on our website will also be printed in our magazine. We are attempting to put together a comprehensive list of all rescue and welfare groups that can be easily accessible to those looking to adopt or needing help.

Event & Fundraising Campaign Promotion

Pet Life is happy to promote any events groups are having and/or fundraising campaigns. Our monthly SnipPET is a great place to advertise these and we can also compliment that with our social media platform.

Donating 15% Net Profit

At the end of every financial year we will be giving back 15% of our net profit to welfare and rescue groups.

Available for adoption

Next month’s SnipPET will feature a new segment to showcase rescues that are available for adoption. Any welfare group can send in photos and profiles of animals in their care looking for their new forever home.


We have a small amount of product that we can give to those groups looking for donations. If you know of a group having a stall or raffle and need some product then let us know and we will see if we have something suitable.

Pet Life is passionate about supporting groups who help animals in need. We will always be striving to improve how we can assist animal charities. /August, 2016 7