Pet Life SnipPET, New Zealand Issue 4 : August 2016 - Page 3


elcome to our August SnipPET.

For those who are new to Pet Life, welcome we hope you enjoy your first SnipPET. For our regulars thanks for coming back. In this issue we explain our mission statement and how we aim to support New Zealand rescue/welfare groups. We are committed to helping as much as we can, you can read all about it on page 7.

We are still working on our distribution outlets so if you would like to see Pet Life magazine in your town then let us know any pet related business and we will make contact with them. Pet Life will also be made available electronically alongside our monthly SnipPETS.

On page 8 you will see our features list for the upcoming 12 months. We have really tried to cover all pets and many aspects of caring for your pet. Regular features include veterinary articles, pet first aid, giveaways and our comprehensive list of rescue/welfare groups.

Don't forget that for the month of August Riding for the Disabled New Zealand run their Gingerbread Horse Campaign. So if you like baking then get into baking, if not find someone baking the yummy horses and buy them.

Pet Life wants to know when your club or organisation is having an event; there is a page dedicated to this on our website. We want to help encourage participation from like-minded people. So if you are organising an event and want to spread the word then let us know all the details and we can get you added and promoted.

Pets play such an important role in anyones life. They teach us compassion, they give us unconditional love and they are gorgeous. Remember to celebrate your pet every day.

Pet Life Ltd makes every effort to ensure the information within this publication is accurate and correct. Pet Life Ltd accepts no liability for the accuracy of all the information. The information and views published anywhere in this publication are not necessarily those of Pet Life Ltd or its associated contributors and companies. No printed information in this publication is to replace veterinary treatment. /August, 2016 3